Ve'ahavta's Yom Kippur resource on the TRC 


On Yom Kippur we seek to heal and repair relationships with ourselves and each other. This Yom Kippur, join us as we confront the past and repair broken relationships within our country.


In June 2015, the historic closing events of Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) brought attention to the troubled history between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. We invite your synagogue to engage in the TRC’s recommendation to seek reconciliation through education, awareness and increased understanding of the legacy and impacts of the Residential Schools. 


Reconciliation is not only the responsibility of the victims and perpetrators, but rather all Canadians who seek a just and prosperous future for our country.


As a result of requests from numerous congregations, Ve’ahavta's has prepared educational resources on teshuvah and the TRC.


If you plan to use the resources, please let Ve'ahavta know so they can get your feedback and profile your organization/synagogue's progress on social media.


Download the resource booklet here.